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3401 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland Oregon 97214

503-231-7027 Portland / 1-888-240-4048 Tollfree Nationwide

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Showcase Music & Sound will be closing the store after 36 years in business. The owners have decided to retire. Beginning Dec 13th we will be liquidating our inventory at blowout prices until all inventory is gone. Fender, Yamaha, Korg, Roland, Guild, Gretsch, Vox, Peavey etc. We would like to thank our customers for continued support of us over the years. I loved my Job and met the most fantastic people over the years. Many of you have supporting me personally when I was at Day Music in the Late Sixties, early seventies. Thank you for patronage over the years. John Chassaing

Showcase Rentals will remain opened

Backline, Keyboards, Amps, Pa Systems. Hammond B-3's, Drums, staging, dance floors, choir risers, pulpits, Percussion etc.

1432 SE 34th (rear building) Behind Showcase Music & Sound

Service Dept will remain opened too as well as lessons

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Mon-Fri: 10-6:30

Sat: 10-6

Sun: 11-5

All times PST

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Music Lessons

Showcase has a complete Teaching Staff, featuring Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Drums, Piano, Woodwind & Brass, Percussion and Vocal Lessons. Call to Book Lessons from List of Teachers & Phone Numbers

Jerry Schreiner....503-358-8423 Guitar, mandolin,banjo, bass
Chuck Everett....503-860-8258 Guitar chuckeverett.com info@chuckeverett.com
         Ken Brewer...............503-545-1186                    Piano-Bass-Guitar
Jennifer Batten..........503-882-3803 Guitar
      Colin Rupp...503-819-2152.... Guitar

Denny Bixby...503-484-6525 (Bass) email:denny.bixby@yahoo.com www.dennybixby.com

Marty Higgins 503-284-8032/503-841-7834 Cell (Drums) martyhiggins@comcast.net www.martyhiggins.net
Jolie Clausen 503-267-3340 (Drums) JolieClausen@yahoo.com
Jeffery Andrews...503-839-3648...Bass
Brian Oberlin..593-686-8673 Mandolin
Gary Harris..503-858-5504 (Sax-Clarinet)
Steve Bradley..503-283-6028...Guitar Lessons
Dave Bones..503-632-0626 (Trombone)               trombone-lessons@sonicbones.com   www.trombonelessons.sonicbones.com
Showcase Music & Sound


Showcase Rentals

are Celebrating Our 36th Year in Business in the Historic Hawthorne Blvd District in  Portland Oregon with the Original Founding Owners since 1977


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Joe Satriani Clinic at Showcase

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Thanks to Eric Idle of Monty Python for visiting Showcase Music, October 2007, pictured here with John Chassaing, President of Showcase


Please Note: All Yamaha Products may only be shipped to addresses in the United States of America. Priced in US Dollars Only



We Accept

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The Pacific Northwest's Premier Musical Instrument & Audio Store


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Bo Diddley visited Showcase Music a couple of Years Ago while playing at the Aladdin Theatre. Showcase Provided the Backline Rental for the show. Bo made a purchase, visited with the employees and signed one of our Gretsch Bo Diddley Guitars

We're Going to Miss You Bo

Guitars-Amps-Keyboards, PA's, Drums-Percussion-Recording

Over 500 Guitars To Choose From...

LESSONS: Showcase has a complete Teaching Staff, featuring Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Drums, Piano, Woodwind & Brass, Percussion and Vocal Lessons. Call to Book Lessons from List of Teachers & Phone Numbers

Open & 7 Days a Week 

Since 1977, Lowest Prices!


Call  503-231-7027 (Portland)

1-888-240-4048 Tollfree Nationwide

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SHOWCASE MUSIC & SOUND Inc. was founded on July 1st, 1977, by John Chassaing and Byll Davis.  They have been in their current location on Hawthorne Blvd, a 10,500 sq. ft. building owned by John and Byll, since 1978.   They are both musicians and have been involved in music their entire lives.   John is listed in the Northwest Book Of Rock & Roll History & Listed in The Pacific Northwest Bands Website and has been in music sales since he was eighteen years old. He manages the business to this day and is the company President.  Byll is a Music Educator, teaching stage band and playing regularly in his own band.


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